Tuesday, October 05, 2010


It's been about a week, so welcome to another News from Nowhere where we recount all the mayhem, death and destruction that has gone on around the world. Fortunately, there have been no terrorist attacks anywhere yet, although people are still worried about these European capitals. Also, some people are worried about Prince Harry and his safety - mainly because he jets around all these European capitals.

Can't these bleeping terrorists leave everyone alone? All in all, life is scary in Europe. At least they did win the Ryder Cup. Also, it's amusing to see newly-single Tiger Woods up to his old tricks, ogling women (Katherine Jenkins).

I miss not seeing an At the Movies show on weekends, but fear not --- Roger Ebert is coming back with a new show on PBS. My column on it here. His voice may not work anymore, but the thumbs still do.

In our rundown of deceased people this week: Stephen J. Cannell, creator of The Rockford Files and A Team, is dead. Died at 69.

Also, comedian Greg Giraldo (pictured), inspiration for many disaffected law school graduates looking for something else to do in life, unfortunately has also passed away.

The IndyCar season is over and Dario Franchitti has won again. Also, I have nothing to say about Jimmie Johnson and NASCAR, but maybe I'll say something on the weekend when I'm more motivated..

Baseball season is also over for most teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, although some folks in Toronto finally feel there's reason to hope that things are finally turning around and we might see a playoff team in Canada sometime before the next decade is out.

In celebrity news, gorgeous hottie Jenny McCarthy wishes she made a sex tape. Hey, it's not too late, babe! (What some people will say to get themselves in the press...)

Speaking of big mouths, Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN. Something to do with Jon Stewart yet again.

Finally, what a gong show in India, eh, with the Commonwealth Games?!

That's it for now. Maybe next time I'll finally get around to talking about politics, or something.

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