Monday, October 25, 2010


Municipal elections are on in Ontario and I plan to be right here when the polls close in about an hour's time to provide some links to some of the election coverage going on.

Obviously I plan to pay close attention to the Rob Ford-George Smitherman mayor's race in Toronto, as well as some of the other elections going on. Expect plenty of election coverage from me tonight, or at least, for about an hour before I have to head off to what is sure to be an absolutely riveting city council meeting.

Expect more election coverage on Wednesday when Manitoba goes to the polls to elect mayors and councils.

This week is actually very busy for me as far as politics is concerned. On my schedule today was interviewing the Leader of the Opposition Dwain Lingenfelter, and today's a city council day as well. On Wednesday, it is the provincial Speech from the Throne. Later this week, I go to Lloydminster for the Premier's Northwest Dinner in Lloydminster, and then on Friday I plan to be at the Saskatchewan Party's Cut Knife-Turtleford provincial nomination meeting. So yes, all of this is keeping me busy. Sometime next Tuesday I plan to find time in my busy schedule to stay up late watching the American election night on TV.    

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