Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Did you hear about this? Howard Kurtz has left the Washington Post as media critic there, and will now be plying his trade for the online Daily Beast. All in all, it is more bad news for traditional print journalism. It seems like all the serious media coverage seems to be on the net anyway these days (Mediabistro and its ilk), so Howie's departure to a web operation makes a lot of sense. Still, I think it's bad news for traditional newspaper journalism to see so many of their biggest names bailing and going online. I don't know how many big-name print journalists I've followed over the years who used to be seen in newsprint but who've been forced into going online. It's getting to be a long list of people.

I'd like to believe in the future of print news media, but too many of these traditional news operations are just being run into the ground. Who wants to read a newspaper if there is nothing and no one of interest in it?

Will the last person in a print newsroom please turn out the lights?

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