Wednesday, October 27, 2010


They still can't get over the election results in Ontario's cities. Here's a piece about how the latte-drinking people are reacting to Rob Ford's mayor's election, plus another one on what went on in Mississauga with Hazel McCallion's arch-foe Carolyn Parrish being booted off of council.

Another loser of the election: the Toronto Star, who were with "Furious" George Smitherman all the way to the bitter end.

My own thoughts on the Ontario results are here.

Meanwhile, today is election day in Manitoba and you can follow some of those Winnipeg municipal results here:

That's it for now.

Monday, October 25, 2010


It's a brand new day in Toronto. Rob Ford won a landslide victory over George Smitherman for Toronto mayor; what's more, it's councillor Sandra Bussin out, it's six other incumbents out. Linda Jackson is out as mayor of Vaughan. Larry O'Brien is gone as mayor of Ottawa, losing to Jim Watson. The voters in Ontario finally sent a message, a loud one, to all the municipal politicians down in Ontario. The message, in a nutshell: the voters want to be respected.

Needless to say, as a former Toronto resident I'm really happy to see this result. It's a great day for democracy in Toronto.


Live streams:

That's off the top of my head. More soon.


Municipal elections are on in Ontario and I plan to be right here when the polls close in about an hour's time to provide some links to some of the election coverage going on.

Obviously I plan to pay close attention to the Rob Ford-George Smitherman mayor's race in Toronto, as well as some of the other elections going on. Expect plenty of election coverage from me tonight, or at least, for about an hour before I have to head off to what is sure to be an absolutely riveting city council meeting.

Expect more election coverage on Wednesday when Manitoba goes to the polls to elect mayors and councils.

This week is actually very busy for me as far as politics is concerned. On my schedule today was interviewing the Leader of the Opposition Dwain Lingenfelter, and today's a city council day as well. On Wednesday, it is the provincial Speech from the Throne. Later this week, I go to Lloydminster for the Premier's Northwest Dinner in Lloydminster, and then on Friday I plan to be at the Saskatchewan Party's Cut Knife-Turtleford provincial nomination meeting. So yes, all of this is keeping me busy. Sometime next Tuesday I plan to find time in my busy schedule to stay up late watching the American election night on TV.    

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So Naheed Nenshi won the mayor's race in Calgary, and now we await what should be a close result Monday in Toronto. My News-Optimist blog post on the elections going on is here.

Have a nice day, I am now off to watch baseball on TV. Hopefully it won't be interrupted too often by the air pollution known as political campaign advertising.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm right now watching the election coverage of the Calgary municipal election over the Internet, with the hotly contested mayor's race there between Ric McIver, Barb Higgins and Naheed Nenshi.

Right now Nenshi, of all people, has a sizable lead, having run a campaign with heavy emphasis on social media. Not bad for a Muslim.

I dunno if he's going to win or not; there's still a long way to go. But win or lose, I gotta say, based on the results so far -- these Eastern Canadians who depict Calgary as some type of intolerant cowtown metropolis owe that city an apology. Never again can it be said that the city is full of rednecks and racists

Especially if this result holds. Wow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


They started the effort yesterday, and to this point 31 of 33 miners have made it out of the mine alive. The breaking news about it can be found right here. LIve video is here. Nice to see some good news in the world, finally. That's all for today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, congrats to Minka Kelly, she is definitely a gorgeous babe, but really --

-- how could they overlook Kelly Brook, a hot fucking babe, after the absolutely smoking-hot year she had? She was either bikini-clad or totally topless-naked in one men's magazine after another, except for the one that counted the most. This one.

Actually, I'm really surprised Esquire didn't pick Gemma Arterton after the year she's had, either, wearing those sexy shorts as Tamara Drewe. She's more their type.

(Didn't Esquire also put Tom Cruise, of all people, on the cover of their "How to Be a Man" issue this year? That about says all that needs to be said about that publication. I dunno, folks, I think those guys over there might be slipping.)

Friday, October 08, 2010


You know, you just cannot click on a baseball playoff game on TV in the USA these days without being bombarded with reminders that Conan O'Brien is coming soon to TV.

Here is an article in the Chicago Tribune talking about all the promotional overkill going on, with CONAN "blimps" being unleashed into the telecasts and so on. 

As far as this CONAN blimp business is concerned, all we can do is put up with it for now. It won't be long until the World Series comes along on FOX and we baseball fans won't have to put up with that CONAN nonsense anymore. Instead, we'll get bombarded with promos for Glee and shows like that. 


Well, the NHL season is back and you know what that means in Canada -- people are obsessed with planting themselves in front of the TV to watch Hockey Night in Canada.

Not everyone, though, is so keen on the production these days. Roy MacGregor had his screed in the Globe and Mail recently, saying Hockey Night in Canada has become more about itself than about the game.

I pretty much agree with what he has to say. Hockey Night may be an institution, but it is really too caught up in building up its own mythology about the game. It seems you tune in, and it's all about these commentators you see on TV who seem to believe too heavily in their own opinions.

As well, the production seems focused on playing up hockey as Canada's game all the time, so you hear all the stories about our great Canadian boys playing around the league. All this jingoism. Plus you have this whole over-emphasis on Don Cherry - he seems like more of a fit for a wrestling ring or somewhere like that these days, with his outfits and bombast. 

A lot of people in this country noticed the tired Hockey Night in Canada coverage during the last two playoff seasons, with TSN delivering a much more enthusiastic presentation. Even NBC's production is far superior in terms of the talent they have -- Mike Emrick in particular tells you all these little tidbits about all these hockey players and where they came from. Their commentators know what they are talking about and they make sure to focus the attention all on the game. It's too bad NBC doesn't devote more time to hockey coverage, because they do a good job with it..

Also -- is it just me, but aren't you sick of CBC showing all the shots of kids at the ice rink playing minor hockey and introducing the game?! You don't see any shots of kids playing minor baseball or minor football on those broadcasts anywhere, and the reason is obvious -- kids have nothing to do with professional sports. Period.

The CBC needs to quit treating the fans at home like they're parents at the local hockey rink cheering on their boys. The National Hockey League isn't about kids or "our Canadian boys" or even the grassroots of hockey: it's about overpaid millionaires who sometimes go out on strike, and the rich owners who employ them! Who's kidding who, here, really?

And that's my rant for the day. Goodday!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Did you hear about this? The folks at the Muscular Dystrophy Association are planning to shrink the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  They want to pare it down to six hours next year from the 21-and-a-half hours the show runs now. I understand they want to run the show entirely in prime time next year as well. But then again, they were already running the show in prime time last year on Labor Day Eve.

This change comes in the wake of blistering criticism from Tom Shales, who raked this year's telethon over the coals in a Washington Post column. I happen to agree that this year's telethon was not that good a show, with Jerry missing for a good portion of it on Labor Day Monday. But reducing the show in length seems like a good way to throw away a potential $10-to-$20 million in donations.

The rationale, we're told, is that the MDA people were having trouble signing up potential affiliates to carry the entire 21-plus hours of the telecast, so they figure six hours would be an easier sell to stations. There were certain markets in the USA, and for that matter Canada, that had dropped this telethon entirely. So MDA lost a ton of dollars that could have come in from those places. They figure that if they can line up more affiliates for a six-hour show, that might end up helping MDA make more money.

I don't see how that would work, because many of their current "Love Network" affiliates already refuse to air much of the show anyway. Already, a lot of affiliates simply air a few hours of Jerry on Labor Day, and they skip the entire rest of the show on Sunday and overnight. I don't know how many affiliates are actually committed to airing the entire 21-and 1/2 hours these days to begin with  -- the number seems to have dropped over the years. I don't see how this change is going to add to the number of stations carrying the telethon. Maybe the real story is that MDA finally said "Why bother" to continuing to put on the rest of the telethon, because so many affiliates had already cut back on airing all of it to begin with.

Anyway, I still don't like this news -- this is like the end of a television era. No wonder Jerry was crying, then, at the end of this year's telethon -- he probably knew what was up.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Did you hear about this? Howard Kurtz has left the Washington Post as media critic there, and will now be plying his trade for the online Daily Beast. All in all, it is more bad news for traditional print journalism. It seems like all the serious media coverage seems to be on the net anyway these days (Mediabistro and its ilk), so Howie's departure to a web operation makes a lot of sense. Still, I think it's bad news for traditional newspaper journalism to see so many of their biggest names bailing and going online. I don't know how many big-name print journalists I've followed over the years who used to be seen in newsprint but who've been forced into going online. It's getting to be a long list of people.

I'd like to believe in the future of print news media, but too many of these traditional news operations are just being run into the ground. Who wants to read a newspaper if there is nothing and no one of interest in it?

Will the last person in a print newsroom please turn out the lights?


Here I go again with more live coverage of women here at the blog. Actually, I'm posting this because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. What can I say? Girls make for good blog posts that get a lot of hits.

As you already know I'm a huge fan of the gorgeous NFL cheerleaders, and of course I'm a big fan of the Playboy Playmates and am a huge reality TV addict.

Put them all together and what do you get? Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson, former Amazing Race contestant -- and best of all, a football fan. Needless to say, I'm still smitten by this ultimate dream woman and plan to do all I can to help her win Playmate of the Year. So remember to vote for her, guys!

This week, the folks at the Smoking Jacket. com have up their NFL playoff team picks and Jaime is seen modeling the predicted playoff teams in women's NFL attire. (Photo credit: This photo spread is already a big hit with fans, with even Sports Illustrated noticing a spike in traffic.

It must have been pretty tough for Jaime, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader and crazy Miami fan, to wear getups like this one for the arch-rivals the Patriots. (She also had to wear one of these for the Jets!) It's even tougher considering the Smoking Jacket didn't even pick Miami to win a playoff spot at all. Well, given their special teams disaster on Monday, no wonder.

Anyway, be sure to check out her terrific pictorial here. You're welcome.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


It's been about a week, so welcome to another News from Nowhere where we recount all the mayhem, death and destruction that has gone on around the world. Fortunately, there have been no terrorist attacks anywhere yet, although people are still worried about these European capitals. Also, some people are worried about Prince Harry and his safety - mainly because he jets around all these European capitals.

Can't these bleeping terrorists leave everyone alone? All in all, life is scary in Europe. At least they did win the Ryder Cup. Also, it's amusing to see newly-single Tiger Woods up to his old tricks, ogling women (Katherine Jenkins).

I miss not seeing an At the Movies show on weekends, but fear not --- Roger Ebert is coming back with a new show on PBS. My column on it here. His voice may not work anymore, but the thumbs still do.

In our rundown of deceased people this week: Stephen J. Cannell, creator of The Rockford Files and A Team, is dead. Died at 69.

Also, comedian Greg Giraldo (pictured), inspiration for many disaffected law school graduates looking for something else to do in life, unfortunately has also passed away.

The IndyCar season is over and Dario Franchitti has won again. Also, I have nothing to say about Jimmie Johnson and NASCAR, but maybe I'll say something on the weekend when I'm more motivated..

Baseball season is also over for most teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, although some folks in Toronto finally feel there's reason to hope that things are finally turning around and we might see a playoff team in Canada sometime before the next decade is out.

In celebrity news, gorgeous hottie Jenny McCarthy wishes she made a sex tape. Hey, it's not too late, babe! (What some people will say to get themselves in the press...)

Speaking of big mouths, Rick Sanchez was fired by CNN. Something to do with Jon Stewart yet again.

Finally, what a gong show in India, eh, with the Commonwealth Games?!

That's it for now. Maybe next time I'll finally get around to talking about politics, or something.