Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is a time of year where I have a spring in my step. Why, you ask? Because it's football season, and I like following my favorite sport on the TV and radio.

Speaking of radio --- read a blurb some time ago that 1290 CFRW in Winnipeg will be switching format from oldies to all-sports. According to this blog post the big switch is going to happen tomorrow morning. I used to hear this station when I lived in Manitoba and am still able to hear their booming signal far away in frozen Saskatchewan.

This is the second time this station has gone all-sports; the first time was when they were part of the train-wreck TEAM sports radio network that collapsed not long after it began. I have to say, it's about time Winnipeg had an all-sports station, and it makes sense for CFRW to go all-sports because they already carry all the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball games during the baseball season. Some people are speculating that they want to be ready to grab the hockey rights when the Jets surely return to Winnipeg. Dream on, guys.

I hope in the long run this all-sports effort will have a lot of local programming, but I read that it's mainly going to be a bunch of syndicated ESPN stuff. Unfortunately, that won't be any different from what the market already gets. When I lived in Manitoba you got your sports-radio fix by tuning in to ESPN 710 from North Dakota, and they had all the ESPN programming. All this will do is put ESPN programming on a Winnipeg station with Winnipeg advertising. A big freaking improvement that will be for listeners there, folks, but at least Manitoba will get an all-sports station.   

The other question I have is: when the heck is Saskatchewan ever going to get an all-sports radio station? We folks here in Saskatchewan ALSO have to rely on ESPN 710 from North Dakota for all-sports -- because the AM stations here would all rather spin oldies or country and western music. It's either ESPN 710, or trying our luck picking up a nighttime signal from one of these bigger cities out of province, like Calgary or Edmonton.You would think all-sports would work here, in football country. These radio folks here need to get moving.

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