Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, Premiere Week begins tonight on the TV networks in the USA with the launch -- or re-launch -- of Hawaii Five-O on CBS. The series looks like it will be a sure-fire hit, but whether it will be good is a different story.

Based on the pilot it looks like Grace Park will be spending the entire series in a bikini, so I think this series is already ridiculous for that reason alone.

Also, I dunno if I buy into Scott Caan as Danno -- I still can't picture him as a character other than that slimeball manager he played on Entourage.

In fact I find the whole series to be odd. This series looks way too much like what the original Hawaii Five-O would've looked like if it were produced in 2010. I dunno - sometimes the original needs to be left well enough alone. Really, what is CBS going to bring us next? A 2010 version of Bonanza?!

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