Thursday, September 23, 2010


The big TV news this week -- apart from how all the new shows are doing -- is the announcement of the two new judges on American Idol: Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. From what we gather they aren't going to be as mean as the previous judges were before.

As if that is going to be any improvement! Personally, I think this is one more foot in the grave for this show in the wake of the mass departure of judges from last year, led by Simon Cowell (right). Ratings went down last season, and the infamous American Idol concert tour ended up cancelled because nobody would go see these lame-o acts that the show likes to promote anymore. I get the sense that a lot of folks out there are over Idol and ready to move on to the next big thing. I suspect that when X Factor comes to America that that show will be the hot show on TV, and Idol will be finished. In fact, I think that by leaving Idol behind, Simon Cowell is just going to up the anticipation for his return to TV on X Factor.

They may be paying a lot of money to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, but those two are wasting their time. In fact, any viewers who still care about this show are wasting their energy, too. American Idol has had it.

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