Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The first TV cancellation of the new 2010-11 season is Lone Star. Fox, known to be a trigger-happy network, yanked the series after two episodes. The show about a con man was at death's door after a disasterous opening-night ratings performance last Monday at 9pm, getting creamed by Dancing With the Stars. That kind of says it all right there. Of course, any guys who might have tuned in were all watching football on the other channel, but never mind.

According to Entertainment Weekly, series creator Kyle Killen penned an open letter to people who liked the show, urging them to make sure they tuned in to the second show. No dice -- the show is now history. A lot of people who tuned in and liked the show are now upset and worried about the state of network television, and threatening repercussions for Fox for yanking the show.  

From the sounds of it, this show probably did deserve a better fate, but there was no way FOX could keep it around -- the numbers were so bad. Honestly, it just seems to me that network TV can't seem to find a way to do anything cutting-edge anymore and succeed with it. Cable networks not only are able to give such shows a chance to survive, but they are able to give these shows the creative freedom they need to be a hit, with censorship going by the wayside and so on. I think a show like this would have fared far better on a cable channel -- not only would it have been given time to survive, it might have turned into an even better show than it turned out to be and could have become a cult classic. Anyway, that's television, and that's life.

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