Saturday, September 25, 2010


I dunno about you, but I wonder about the United States sometimes. They are really uptight about a lot of things down there, particularly things they think might ruin the minds of the kids of America, so they end up banning a lot of things from TV. The problem is that the minds of the kids of America are ruined enough as it is without any of these uptight adults interfering. And the things these parents get excited about are trivial, to say the least. The latest brouhaha du jour is that Katy Perry has been banned from Sesame Street. Why? Because she is apparently too racy for the show.

The entire rest of the world is laughing at the USA over this one. I've seen the offending video for myself and to be totally honest with you I don't see how the sight of Katy Perry singing with Elmo would freak out a 5-year old. Katy is just being her usual self in the video, there's nothing wrong with it. If I were 5 years old and looking at this video, I'd think this was yet another musical celebrity on Sesame Street.

See the banned video for yourself below. Coming soon -- my Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton comments.

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