Thursday, August 12, 2010


So by now CFL fans have all heard about the raging controversy in Hamilton, where Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young is threatening to pull the team out of Hamilton in the wake of the city council's refusal to hear his pleas to put the stadium somewhere other than the West Harbour site, which the team says wouldn't be viable for them. So what did council do? They ignored him and put the stadium there anyway. I have no
idea why the city is refusing to compromise with the Ticats owner on the stadium issue. The Ticats are supposed to be the anchor tenant, but what point is there to building a stadium if it will have no team? The other thing that bothers me is that the city only wants to put 15,000 seats in there. How the heck do they expect to support a CFL franchise if the stadium is that small?!

I'm also not liking some of the rhetoric I am hearing out of Hamilton -- there seem to be a lot of "why should we support a losing team" comments floating out there. Yet when Jim Balsillie tried to get an NHL team there, they were bending over backwards to accomodate him! I guess they'd rather have the NHL there than the CFL.

Anyway, there's a lot of talk now that the team will either end up in the Quebec City area or move to the nearby suburbs - Burlington, Milton, somewhere like that. I agree with Glen Suitor's view that Hamilton city council did absolutely nothing for the Tiger-Cats, and it really is a shame. I hope this gong show of a council figures out some way to come to its senses soon on this issue, because I don't want to see the Tiger-Cats moving.

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