Thursday, August 19, 2010


It is late August and after a bit of a hiatus News from Nowhere is back. It sure looks as if James Bond is not back, though. Production of his latest movie is postponed and we have no idea when the financial problems of MGM will be settled. So now we are getting the usual freakout "Bond is dead" headlines from people who want to scare the public with misinformation about what is really going on.

Bond is the subject of this grim Entertainment Weekly cover and headline on newsstands this week. The article basically states we may never see a Bond movie again for years, and by then Daniel Craig might be too old and might not come back. What nonsense! A lot of folks think this is the usual sensationalism we are accustomed to seeing. We are assured the problems and issues surrounding the big MGM bankruptcy will be resolved and we'll see James Bond again -- eventually. So don't panic 007 fans.

In other entertainment news -- have any of you bothered to watch the new reality show The Bachelor Pad, featuring all these ex-Bachelor contestants under one roof? I haven't bothered, but if you want to get caught up on the happenings here is what the host Chris Harrison has to say.

Those of you CNBC-watchers out there are no doubt aware that BHP - Billiton is attempting a hostile takeover of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. Even Jim Cramer is saying something about it. Saskatchewan hasn't had so much press since the time CNN ran that piece about how Saskatchewan was booming. Anyway, there are some rumblings now about PotashCorp looking for a White Knight. We'll see.

It must be a slow day at CNBC because they also ran a piece about how naked vacations are becoming more popular. Wow, they must be desperate for news over there.

Movies from Clint Eastwood and John Carpenter are among some of the offerings coming up at the star-studded Toronto International Film Festival. 

A study has concluded that going to NASCAR races makes you deaf. No kidding. I went to a recent NASCAR race in Saskatoon and should have brought earplugs -- it was so loud there.

Good news for UFC fans in Ontario, finally -- Ontario government approves entry of mixed martial arts.

The year of the retirements continues. Say bye bye to Stan Chambers, who retired last week at age 87 after 63 years at KTLA Los Angeles. I also heard Dr. Laura quit last night. Something to do with the N word.

And Brett Favre announced the other day that he is also retiring -- next year. Apparently for real. This year, though, he is back with the Vikings.

Finally, a sad farewell to Steve Kouleas of The Score, who according to this post at Toronto Sports Media fell victim to yet another of the layoffs over there this week. Frankly, I am in shock over this news. I was at the channel as an intern and had met Kouleas a few times. Not only was Kouleas a good broadcaster with a distinctive style, but he was basically the heart and soul of the station. Viewers will miss him, but people at The Score will miss him even more.

That's all for me for now.

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