Thursday, August 05, 2010


I am back in town after being on the road during my vacation -- and as usual I turn on the computer and find out some more big news over at ET!   

Wow, this has really turned into the Year of the Retirements. First Oprah Winfrey, then Larry King and CTV's Lloyd Robertson, and now this news today about Mary Hart leaving Entertainment Tonight after the show's upcoming 30th season.

Who's next to retire -- Brett Favre? (Ha ha ha.)

I guess I shouldn't be surprised Mary is quitting, since everyone is dropping like flies at every TV show imaginable. This really has turned into a landmark transition year for TV. Look at American Idol -- everyone is leaving that show, too. First Simon Cowell quits, and then we got word that another judge, Ellen DeGeneres, has quit, too. She claims she's quitting because she didn't feel comfortable with the gig. I say she's quitting because she knows Idol is a sinking ship and she might as well get out while the getting is good. They cancelled a bunch of tour dates because nobody wants to see these lame-o Idol acts anymore. American Idol has had it. 

Speaking of TV entertainment news, Mary isn't the only host to leave her gig, either - Nancy O'Dell up and quit over at Access Hollywood late last year. And I notice host Jessi Cruickshank left The After Show on MTV Canada to move to the States, and because she left the show MTV is just going to cancel it.  Who knows where she is going -- it could be to Entertainment Tonight, for all I know.

I guess it makes sense for Mary to retire now -- she is getting a little long in the tooth, and the show is totally different from what it once was. ET used to be about serious coverage of the entertainment industry, but these days it is just a tabloid-fest with non-stop stories about scandals and the like. Personally, I think Mary has way too much class to be associated with what TV "entertainment" news has become, which is more about "celebrity" coverage these days. Mary is a throwback to an earlier, better era -- the pre-TMZ, pre-Perez Hilton era.

Rumor is that Lara Spencer from the sister show The Insider will move over to take the ET job. Given the content on The Insider these days, she ought to fit right in at ET.

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