Thursday, August 12, 2010


Folks in the film press are playing up this weekend's box office battle between The Expendables and Eat Pray Love (starring Julia Roberts) as a classic Men-versus-Women battle at the cinemas. Personally, though, I don't give a rat's carcass about how Eat Pray Love does -- I have no interest in the tired old battle of the sexes that media folks want to perpetuate. If Julia Roberts is a hit, fine, but all I want is for The Expendables to do well. 

Why? Because it is the kind of movie we used to get at the theaters but don't anymore -- a real honest-to-goodness testosterone-filled action movie with real men in it shooting at things. It doesn't have some four-quadrant storyline aimed at the masses and it's obviously not some comic-book movie with superheroes in it, the likes of which have taken over the movie theaters in the past few years. This is a movie that is a throwback to the action-filled Eighties, with a true Eighties cast of all-stars -- Stallone, Rourke, Willis, Arnold, and the like.  

I don't give a hoot whether this movie is good or a piece of junk -- but I do hope it approaches "good". I just want it to do well because I want to see the major studios go back to making more of this action genre stuff. We guys aren't getting nearly enough of this sort of thing at the movies lately -- instead, we're getting superheroes, CGI cartoons, Twilight and Seth Rogen shoved down our throats constantly. Not that there's something wrong with Seth Rogen movies, but guys are getting sick of the usual selection at the theaters. Instead, we guys must shell out for video games and pay-per-view UFC fights to get our "toughness" fix, and that just isn't right, people.

I agree with this Cinema Blend article from Josh Tyler about the movie -- this is truly Man's Last Stand, an ode to toughness. You sure have to wonder if Hollywood is ever going to give us movies like this ever again.

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Dempsey Sanders said...

I liked this movie for what it was. Not much of a story but great action, did a blog of my own on it. If your looking for a testosterone fest, this is your movie. Great write up