Thursday, July 01, 2010


What you are about to see is more proof that there must definitely be something in the drinking water all over Time Warner, because this is clear evidence they have lost their minds over there.
Wonder Woman is getting a new uniform! DC Comics is ditching the leggy star-spangled look for this more stylish, covered-up getup. 

Maybe they are trying to market Wonder Woman to the Middle East, where women are covered up all the time. (Just kidding!) Anyway, you can tell what I think about this ridiculous move by DC. This is terrible! Wonder Woman doesn't look like a superheroine anymore -- instead, she looks like a bit of a tramp. And a lot of people don't like it. Here's what Jezebel has to say about the new look.

It's safe to say Wonder Woman's new clothes are the 21st century equivalent of New Coke. Bring back the old look before you take yet another financial bath, guys.

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Eric Schiffer Fanatic said...

I think I like the old Wonder Woman better.