Friday, July 23, 2010


(Photo credit: the News-Optimist. I took the picture.)

Uh, hi. Well, I thought I would tell a little bit about what is going on with our local news. Today, North Battleford is under a state of emergency because of a big hailstorm that flooded out the city.

Yes, the city I cover on a regular basis ended up under water in many parts of the city. It was really bad flooding in some places.

The thing that is funny is that it all happened on an afternoon when I was wrapping things up at work and preparing for a much needed vacation and some time for rest and relaxation. Well, so much for that. I was out covering the news yesterday and again this morning. Now, at last, I'm finally on vacation, and the rest of the staff will take it from here. But, man, this was ridiculous, the last several hours.

For the story I filed about the damage see here. For pictures I took of some of the mayhem, see here. And for my blog of the day's activities see here.

All I have to say is I ended up exhausting myself yesterday. The situation in North Battleford is a lot better now than it was just 24 hours ago. But still, this has been crazy. Saskatchewan has been hit by one storm after another -- Maple Creek, Yorkton, the Kawacatoose First Nation tornado, and now here. It really has been ridiculous.  

As for coverage of Bonnie, that big tropical storm around Florida, see the coverage here.

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