Monday, July 05, 2010


Well, it continues to be a humiliating World Cup for some teams. Tomorrow, the semifinals begin -- without a lot of the favorites that people expected to still be in it.

You would hope that the fans of the four remaining squads that made the semifinals -- Uruguay, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain -- will give their teams a decent homecoming when they get home. Unfortunately, it has been a dismal return home for many national teams, with the squads having to get extra security to shield themselves away from their upset fans. Argentina came home in total disgrace after losing 4-0 to Germany, and the word is that Diego Maradona may end up fired. Already the Brazilian coach Dunga has been fired, and the French and Italian coaches have all been fired, too.

Some countries have gone further than that. The president of Nigeria, in a bout of looniness, apparently suspended his national team for two years after they went to the World Cup and lost. He has since recanted.

Anyway, it's been a fun last few days of firings in the world of soccer. You know, maybe that's what we have to do in Canada -- fire some people. Here are all these World Cup countries going nuts, even though their teams got far better results than Canada did in the runup to the tournament -- but are we Canadians getting upset and calling for resignations over the ineptitude of our national team? No! Instead, we keep on waving these other countries' flags! I now understand that Torontonians are hopping on the Uruguay bandwagon, now that everyone else is out.

We Canadians are just too soft. We put up too easily with losing teams that never make the World Cup. This is exactly what Canada needs for its soccer program -- a little anger.

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