Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, things are slowing down at work, and also here at the blog. Heck, it's the All-Star break in baseball, so there really is nothing, sports-wise.

I am sure you want to hear my comments about the recent rant/meltdown of Mel Gibson. Well, I think he's an idiot, and that he really has done it to himself this time. I will have more to say in a column I wrote for the paper, to be published soon. Once it is up you will find it by clicking here -- assuming I remember to put it up.

Also, I have some comments to make about the recent news of the impending departure of Lloyd Robertson from CTV News. The link to that post will be here on Wednesday.

In breaking news, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, aka The Boss, is dead. This comes just days after news that Bob Sheppard, Yankees PA announcer, had died, too. Sad times at Yankee Stadium.

There has been a big spy swap between the USA and Russia of ten secret agents, including that hot Russian femme fatale Anna Chapman (pictured). How hot is she? Hot enough for all her sex secrets and topless photos to be leaked by her ex-husband. I guess he's sore at her for being a spy for Moscow.

But really -- where's the chivalry, eh? You just don't do this to your woman, or former woman. Even if she is a spy for the freaking Russians.

I have nothing more to say about LeBron James other than to say to bitter Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner, simply this: way to go. Your letter trashing that Benedict Arnold LeBron James, and guaranteeing Cleveland would get a ring before he did, lifted a heartbroken city up. 

Gilbert was also fined today $100,000 by commissioner David Stern for that letter. It may not have been a classy thing to do, but at least the feelings were honest.

In sports broadcasting news, hottie Erin Andrews (a pretty good dancer, too) has signed again with ESPN.

For those frustrated with the lack of sports to follow right now, there is always POKER! The $10,000 Main Event for the World Series of Poker threatens to go in the money any time now. Live updates here.

In other news -- why do people still bother with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows?! More breakups have been going on. Both Jake and Vienna have split up in apparent acrimony, with Jake being accused of being gay and of being a fame whore. In the meantime Vienna has been bragging that she is going to be on the cover of Playboy when in fact, ahem, they actually don't want her.

And former Bachelorette Jillian Harris (pictured) has called it quits, too. Her boypal Ed is history. Well, good. Maybe Jillian can concentrate on finding a real guy to be her man -- not some dude who just wants to be on TV.

I haven't been watching this season's Bachelorette show, although I understand this season has been a joke, too. I dunno why people watch this train-wreck junk -- the batting average for lasting relationships emerging from these shows run very, very low. It seems like most of the people who watch these idiotic Bachelor/ette shows are women, and they are being played for fools -- just like us guys are being played for fools by these millionaire athletes all the time. I guess women are hooked on these shows the way us pathetic loser sports fans are hooked on sports.

Finally, they are putting a new cap on that big BP oil spill so hopefully, maybe, it will work. For a change. 

That is all for now.

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