Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have no news to report, really, other than the fact that I am right now on vacation from work for two weeks, and enjoying a chance to relax, for a change. Posts here will be light the next number of days -- because when I go on vacation, I go on vacation. So that means no blogging.

Oh, and while in Edmonton I got an autograph from Danica Patrick. You GoDaddy fans might be interested in that.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, it seems like Kelly Brook is everywhere these days. Everywhere in the guys' magazines, that is.

Last month she was in Loaded and FHM. This month she is in MAXIM, and in September it'll be Playboy. The woman is everywhere, wearing not very much.

I finally figured out why she IS everywhere. She's got a new movie coming out, Piranha 3D, and it promises to be so bad its good. Kelly was interviewed about her upcoming movie, and she confirms that she wears a bikini for basically the entire flick. Great news for guys.

She also fires back at the critics who claim she isn't a serious actress because of her usual bikini-clad attire. Uh, ahem, actually the reason she isn't taken seriously isn't because of her bikini modeling; it's because she appears in utter schlock movies such as Piranha 3D!

Anyway, I forgive Kelly because she's fun and voluptuous -- definitely my kind of woman. The trailer for Piranha 3D is below. If you are a guy and you like cheesy movies, this should be right up your alley. 

Friday, July 23, 2010


(Photo credit: the News-Optimist. I took the picture.)

Uh, hi. Well, I thought I would tell a little bit about what is going on with our local news. Today, North Battleford is under a state of emergency because of a big hailstorm that flooded out the city.

Yes, the city I cover on a regular basis ended up under water in many parts of the city. It was really bad flooding in some places.

The thing that is funny is that it all happened on an afternoon when I was wrapping things up at work and preparing for a much needed vacation and some time for rest and relaxation. Well, so much for that. I was out covering the news yesterday and again this morning. Now, at last, I'm finally on vacation, and the rest of the staff will take it from here. But, man, this was ridiculous, the last several hours.

For the story I filed about the damage see here. For pictures I took of some of the mayhem, see here. And for my blog of the day's activities see here.

All I have to say is I ended up exhausting myself yesterday. The situation in North Battleford is a lot better now than it was just 24 hours ago. But still, this has been crazy. Saskatchewan has been hit by one storm after another -- Maple Creek, Yorkton, the Kawacatoose First Nation tornado, and now here. It really has been ridiculous.  

As for coverage of Bonnie, that big tropical storm around Florida, see the coverage here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So on the weekend the WSOP set its Final Table for its Main Event, and it consists of Michael Mizrachi and, ahem, eight other dudes we've never heard of.

Just kidding. Anyhow, the Tao of Poker blogged about the final day -- of this phase, anyway -- of the WSOP. See you in November. Now it's back to watching poker on TV for me.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Now, it's on to Edmonton.

For the recap of the Toronto race check out the Toronto Star auto racing blog here. The Alex Tagliani- Tomas Scheckter sideshow story is here. And for more of the usual whining by environmentally-conscious political correctos who never liked auto racing to begin with, here's a story here.

The big story of the day, though, is that Conrad Black has been granted bail. Wooee!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, this is Honda Indy weekend in Toronto, and from a distance it seems to me this race is in big-time rebuilding mode.

It used to be a major event on the calendar in T.O. -- and then came the infamous CART-IRL split, and then Molson exited as the title sponsor, then CART was replaced by ChampCar and all the defections of drivers to the IRL began, and then in 2008 ChampCar folded into the IRL, leaving Toronto without a race.

Last year, the race came back under the IRL banner with the ownership of Michael Andretti and Honda title sponsorship, but apparently there was terrible promotion and a lot of little things done wrong to make the fans all irate -- such as banning water bottles and outside food from the track. Attendance was also in the tank, down to 20,000.

So I guess the series is trying to rebuild its good name in Toronto. I sure hope it makes a comeback -- I was a big fan of the old Molson Indy when it was going and it was one of those events that I always looked forward to going to in the summer. Heck, it ought to be able to get some fans showing up. Now that it's IndyCar, all the top open-wheel drivers are back at the event. But I guess there are still some Toronto die-hards who won't support the IndyCar series and are still mad at the IRL for running the former ChampCar series  into the ground and wiping out the 2008 race.

I suspect the event itself, apart from all the other problems that apparently plagued it last year, has fallen victim to the usual bandwagon-jumping syndrome that afflicts the folks in Toronto. They just want to go to what's trendy, and right now the Indy is enjoying a well-deserved stay in the doghouse due to all the previous on-track problems. Besides, the fans' big hero Paul Tracy has fallen on hard times, racing-wise, and I think that has also affected things a great deal.

In fact, just the other day they made general admission free for everyone on Friday, which shows you how far the race has fallen. In the old days they never would have allowed people in for free on a Friday. It just strikes me as a desperate thing for them to do, but if it succeeds in turning people on to racing and IndyCar, fine. The reason I went to my first Molson Indy was because I got in for free on a Friday thanks to a free pass coupon I won through a promotion at the SUNOCO gas station in London, Ontario. So I guess a similar stunt worked for me and ended up reeling me in, so hopefully this will pay dividends down the road.  

Here's an article on this year's race from the Sun, plus Ted Woloshyn had a few comments of his own. Also, here's Alex Tagliani's thoughts about a five-year plan to restore Indy racing in Toronto. And for a Globe and Mail story on today's qualifying round attendance, which indicates that apparently this race looks to still be in the doghouse -- check it out here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


BP's oil spill cap worked!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


You are probably wondering what my opinion is of the summer movie season so far. To be honest, it has not been very spectacular at the box office. Here's what I wrote last week about it, just after Eclipse came out. As it stands, it looks like Eclipse will be the summer box office champ. 

Despicable Me won the last weekend's box office, and the indications are that things might be starting to improve, at last. The movie theater chains better hope so, because so far it has not been a hot summer for the box office -- and the end of summer movie season is in sight.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, things are slowing down at work, and also here at the blog. Heck, it's the All-Star break in baseball, so there really is nothing, sports-wise.

I am sure you want to hear my comments about the recent rant/meltdown of Mel Gibson. Well, I think he's an idiot, and that he really has done it to himself this time. I will have more to say in a column I wrote for the paper, to be published soon. Once it is up you will find it by clicking here -- assuming I remember to put it up.

Also, I have some comments to make about the recent news of the impending departure of Lloyd Robertson from CTV News. The link to that post will be here on Wednesday.

In breaking news, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, aka The Boss, is dead. This comes just days after news that Bob Sheppard, Yankees PA announcer, had died, too. Sad times at Yankee Stadium.

There has been a big spy swap between the USA and Russia of ten secret agents, including that hot Russian femme fatale Anna Chapman (pictured). How hot is she? Hot enough for all her sex secrets and topless photos to be leaked by her ex-husband. I guess he's sore at her for being a spy for Moscow.

But really -- where's the chivalry, eh? You just don't do this to your woman, or former woman. Even if she is a spy for the freaking Russians.

I have nothing more to say about LeBron James other than to say to bitter Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner, simply this: way to go. Your letter trashing that Benedict Arnold LeBron James, and guaranteeing Cleveland would get a ring before he did, lifted a heartbroken city up. 

Gilbert was also fined today $100,000 by commissioner David Stern for that letter. It may not have been a classy thing to do, but at least the feelings were honest.

In sports broadcasting news, hottie Erin Andrews (a pretty good dancer, too) has signed again with ESPN.

For those frustrated with the lack of sports to follow right now, there is always POKER! The $10,000 Main Event for the World Series of Poker threatens to go in the money any time now. Live updates here.

In other news -- why do people still bother with the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows?! More breakups have been going on. Both Jake and Vienna have split up in apparent acrimony, with Jake being accused of being gay and of being a fame whore. In the meantime Vienna has been bragging that she is going to be on the cover of Playboy when in fact, ahem, they actually don't want her.

And former Bachelorette Jillian Harris (pictured) has called it quits, too. Her boypal Ed is history. Well, good. Maybe Jillian can concentrate on finding a real guy to be her man -- not some dude who just wants to be on TV.

I haven't been watching this season's Bachelorette show, although I understand this season has been a joke, too. I dunno why people watch this train-wreck junk -- the batting average for lasting relationships emerging from these shows run very, very low. It seems like most of the people who watch these idiotic Bachelor/ette shows are women, and they are being played for fools -- just like us guys are being played for fools by these millionaire athletes all the time. I guess women are hooked on these shows the way us pathetic loser sports fans are hooked on sports.

Finally, they are putting a new cap on that big BP oil spill so hopefully, maybe, it will work. For a change. 

That is all for now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes, the octopus got it right --- and in the final humiliation to end a World Cup of humiliations, the Netherlands cannot avoid the fate of being the Buffalo Bills of international soccer.

At least now Canadians can go back to waving Canadian flags again -- this cheering for foreign countries was just too ridiculous this year.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Just a reminder to myself to watch the final of the World Cup between Spain and the Netherlands tomorrow.

But of course, I don't need to, now that that German octopus has picked Spain to win it all. I understand the octopus is getting death threats, now.

It's great that we'll have a brand-new World Cup champion and that one rabid soccer nation will be going wild tomorrow. I'll have my wrapup of news from this wild week after the World Cup game is over.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


All I gotta say is it's spectacles like what we saw tonight -- stabbing Cleveland in the back on national television on ESPN -- that make people cynical about sports.

I imagine the fans of the Cavaliers are all ready to jump off a cliff. As a Toronto Raptors fan I feel Cleveland's pain.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Well, LeBron James has opted to make his announcement on where he is going to sign a big spectacle, and he will announce it on ESPN tomorrow night.

What a gong show. Anyway, we will know all tomorrow. Forgive me for being cynical about this entire NBA free agency business. I guess I am still sore that Chris Bosh signed with the Heat.

UPDATE: For more on this whole spectacle, here's what Bill Simmons of ESPN has to say. 

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


And now, once again we have IMPORTANT BREAKING LINDSAY LOHAN NEWS from the CAIRNS BLOG... 

OMG!!!! The judge threw the book at her today for violating her probation! Lindsay Lohan is getting 90 days in jail!

You know, in a strange sort of way, maybe this is the wakeup call this girl needs to straighten her life around. She has to turn her life around, otherwise she's going to be in the grave before you know it.

Monday, July 05, 2010


So after weeks of exciting poker (and with four bracelets won by Canadian players -- why isn't the media in Canada reporting this?) the 2010 WSOP Main Event is finally on. You can follow the exciting updates here at Poker News, Wicked Chops Poker and at ESPN. As well, The Tao of Poker has live blogging of the first day's action.

It's only the first day but already there have been some big-name eliminations including former WSOP Champion Greg Raymer. That is all I feel up to posting for now -- I'm still in vacation mode.


Well, it continues to be a humiliating World Cup for some teams. Tomorrow, the semifinals begin -- without a lot of the favorites that people expected to still be in it.

You would hope that the fans of the four remaining squads that made the semifinals -- Uruguay, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain -- will give their teams a decent homecoming when they get home. Unfortunately, it has been a dismal return home for many national teams, with the squads having to get extra security to shield themselves away from their upset fans. Argentina came home in total disgrace after losing 4-0 to Germany, and the word is that Diego Maradona may end up fired. Already the Brazilian coach Dunga has been fired, and the French and Italian coaches have all been fired, too.

Some countries have gone further than that. The president of Nigeria, in a bout of looniness, apparently suspended his national team for two years after they went to the World Cup and lost. He has since recanted.

Anyway, it's been a fun last few days of firings in the world of soccer. You know, maybe that's what we have to do in Canada -- fire some people. Here are all these World Cup countries going nuts, even though their teams got far better results than Canada did in the runup to the tournament -- but are we Canadians getting upset and calling for resignations over the ineptitude of our national team? No! Instead, we keep on waving these other countries' flags! I now understand that Torontonians are hopping on the Uruguay bandwagon, now that everyone else is out.

We Canadians are just too soft. We put up too easily with losing teams that never make the World Cup. This is exactly what Canada needs for its soccer program -- a little anger.

Friday, July 02, 2010


Well, after today I think the folks in Toronto ought to pack it in, because pretty much all their favorite World Cup teams have been eliminated. Brazil lost to the Netherlands 2-1, which means the five-time champions are now the latest squad to go back to their home country in total disgrace, just like Italy, France and England (right) before them.

The loss also gets rid of Toronto's entire Portuguese community in the World Cup. It also means Torontonians, already a pathetic bunch because they have been waving flags for countries other than Canada throughout this World Cup, have been pretty much reduced to sitting on the sidelines in disgust along with the rest of the world. It serves these un-Canadian bandwagon-jumpers right.

And Ghana blew it against Uruguay. A handball by Uruguay to save a sure goal in the dying seconds of overtime put them into penalty and gave Ghana a freebie free kick that Asamoah Gyan should have easily put in the back of the net to win the game for Ghana. Instead, he missed it, and Uruguay went on to win 4-2 in the penalty kick shootout! What a way to lose. It's almost as bad as the Riders putting too many men on the field in the Grey Cup.

Tomorrow Argentina takes on Germany, and then Spain meets Paraguay in the other matchup. Getting a lot of attention is a rabid Paraguay fan named Larissa Riquelme, a gorgeous Latin American model, who has pledged to run naked in the streets if Paraguay wins the World Cup.

In other related news, Argentina coach Diego Maradona pledges to run naked if his team wins. That promises to be a sight for sore eyes. If Argentina wins the World Cup, then God help us all.

Thursday, July 01, 2010


What you are about to see is more proof that there must definitely be something in the drinking water all over Time Warner, because this is clear evidence they have lost their minds over there.
Wonder Woman is getting a new uniform! DC Comics is ditching the leggy star-spangled look for this more stylish, covered-up getup. 

Maybe they are trying to market Wonder Woman to the Middle East, where women are covered up all the time. (Just kidding!) Anyway, you can tell what I think about this ridiculous move by DC. This is terrible! Wonder Woman doesn't look like a superheroine anymore -- instead, she looks like a bit of a tramp. And a lot of people don't like it. Here's what Jezebel has to say about the new look.

It's safe to say Wonder Woman's new clothes are the 21st century equivalent of New Coke. Bring back the old look before you take yet another financial bath, guys.


It's not only Canada Day -- it's FREE AGENCY DAY in the NBA and NHL!

Follow TSN's Free Agency Frenzy coverage here.

Oh, and all the news about LeBron James, not to mention the impending defection of Chris Bosh from Canada, can be had here.