Friday, June 04, 2010


Well, the World Series of Poker is on right now at the Rio in Las Vegas!

That's been taking up some of my time at the moment -- following the news about that. We are still a long way away from the Main Event, but we are deep into several of the events that have been going on for all the big-name poker players down there.

Already Michael Mizrachi won his first WSOP bracelet in the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship event, and we've had winners like Michael Chow, Joshua Tieman, Peter Gelencser and so on. So far, though, none of the megastars of the poker world who are mainstays of these poker shows you on TV have won a darned thing. But that is part of the event's charm -- the WSOP always plucks some poker player from obscurity and makes that player a big name, like Chris Moneymaker or Peter Eastgate, or Joe Cada.

Here are some sites to go to to follow the action: the WSOP site, live updates at Poker News, the rights-holders ESPN Poker, and poker blogs Tao of Poker, Pokerati and the girl-obsessed Wicked Chops Poker site. How girl-obsessed are they over there? Well, they seem highly amused by video of Victory Poker megahottie Sara Jean Underwood's yoga exercises with Joe Sebok.

Hey, I could follow this, or I could follow that steroid-infested sport with the bad umpiring that costs pitchers perfect games! Poker seems less of a gong show to me.

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