Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well, I wonder how the fans in Canada feel about the World Cup today. Italy lost to Slovakia today 3-2, which sends the Italians, the defending world champs, to world chump status.

They're taking it real hard in Italy, but also in Toronto where the city's favorite World Cup team is now toast. So a lot of soccer fans in Toronto are going to be walking around the city in shock in the days ahead with no team to cheer for. I guess it's up to Brazil or Portugal to win now, or else Toronto fans will have no representation in the Cup final.

Also gone home in disgrace earlier this week was France, losing their last two games -- first, it was 2-0 to Mexico, and then they were struggling just to keep the team from imploding just so they could play and lose to South Africa. It was such a debacle that these poor guys went back to France in total disgrace, with Thierry Henry going so far as to meet the President to discuss the collapse.

That's what happens if your country is soccer-mad and you lose out -- you come home as bums. Especially if you won a World Cup in recent times.

As for South Africa, they become the first host team in history never to advance beyond the first round of the World Cup. But the tournament itself has been a big success from an organizational standpoint.

So far it has been the South Americans' tournament, with Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay all advancing and with Chile needing a win or draw to make it a clean sweep to advance. A win by Chile would send defending Euro champs Spain home to Europe, joining France and Italy in disgrace.

For all the results and news so far check out the BBC website. So far this tournament has seen some pretty bad refereeing and some shoddy, unsportsmanlike conduct. I can't believe all the showboating and fake-injuries we are seeing from these great actors who call themselves soccer players. They should all go work on Broadway, these guys. 

In spite of shoddy refereeing that cost them a win against Slovenia, the USA still advanced with a Landon Donovan goal against Algeria in injury time. There to watch was none other than big soccer fan Bill Clinton himself.

And the England team (pictured) is going through as well, which should delight the blokes over there. The one thing I always find amusing about the English coverage of the World Cup is that it is always a big excuse for them to show off all the gorgeous Page Three glamour models wearing their favorite skimpy soccer uniforms in the NSFW lads magazines. Pretty typical is this  photo of Jo Hicks from Maxim. Check out Nuts and Zoo and Loaded for both their World Cup soccer and World Cup babes coverage.

And of course there are people who are following with interest the gorgeous footballers wives who put to shame every one of these hot Page 3 girls in editorial spreads like this one.

It's all this other nuttiness surrounding the World Cup -- the nationalism, the fans' reactions, the scandals, the World Cup babes, the wives -- that make the Cup so interesting.

UPDATE: For more about the WAGS check out the 30 Hottest WAGS of the World Cup. And for a look at more World Cup babes check out SoccerLens.

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