Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well, it has been a busy week in the world of sports, going all the way back to last Wednesday when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. It was an uncertain, chaotic end to the game, what with nobody except Patrick Kane knowing he scored the goal to win the Cup. But then again, it was a chaotic and uncertain series to the very end.

I think it's great the Hawks won the Cup. Among other things, it ends a 49-year drought and embarrasses two other franchises that now have the longest standing droughts in their sports: the Toronto Maple Leafs (1967) and Chicago Cubs (1908). The Cubs are baseball's version of the Leafs: they never win a thing, yet the fans still show up.

Apparently this was the highest rated finals in 36 years in the USA, and well it should be. The excitement in the arenas and the close, dramatic games had the NBA all beat, what with the Lakers and Celtics meeting for the umpteenth time and sleepwalking through their series in front of these celebrities. Tonight was Game Six and it was a total blowout. So we'll have the Game Seven on Friday.

And in free agency news, we still don't know where Chris Bosh and LeBron James are going yet.

The World Cup is also now on and the big controversy is over these horns these fans are blowing in the stadiums, causing all the fans to go deaf. Apparently FIFA the other day allowed the horns to stay, so fans at the World Cup games in South Africa are doomed to lose all their hearing now. People at soccer matches seem more interested in blowing horns than watching the freaking games, it seems.

In other news, the big story in college sports in the USA was all this NCAA conference realignment talk, with the possibility that the Big 12 would collapse completely amid Nebraska's departure to the Big 10 and Colorado's departure to the Pac 10. Well, a new TV deal has kept the remaining programs in what is left of the Big 12, so that ends that.

Also, Boise State has bolted the Western Athletic Conference for the Mountain West, a good move for them with what should be more quality opponents on their football schedule.

And I also heard the NCAA threw the book at USC's football program, although AP is letting the Trojans keep their NCAA football title that they won, despite the sanctions.

They're even throwing the book at Canadian football programs as Waterloo's team has been suspended due to steroids!

And it was a big weekend in Canada for major sporting events, as Vancouver hosted UFC 115, and Montreal hosted the return of the Grand Prix, and the CFL kicked off its preseason. Fans where I am are mighty excited (and a lot crazy) about the coming season.

That's all for now.

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