Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, today, Slovakia and Chile joined the long and illustrious list of losers at the World Cup -- and an illustrious list of losing nations it is.

The other day, England was eliminated 4-1 by Germany and the team came home to humbling headlines such as this one in the Sun. So the English team goes home in disgrace, just like France and Italy before it.

Honestly, though, it shouldn't be the English team who should be ashamed. No, it ought to be the referees who disallowed that goal that would have tied it at 2-2. Honestly, I've seen more goals called back by officials in this World Cup than ever before. I'm also embarrassed by the showmanship and play-acting we are getting from all these players, faking their injuries to draw penalties and the like.

The refereeing is so bad that I honestly wonder whether these guys are being paid off by gamblers! Hey, we had NBA officials throwing games in that league, too. That's how bad the officiating has been -- bad enough to call the integrity of the officials into question. We also had that goal called back against the USA in the round robin, and an Argentine goal against Mexico was called good even though a player was in the offside position! 

I hope something is done to bring in instant replay in time for the next World Cup, because this current setup has been a disgrace. Too many games are being decided by the blown calls of referees..Anyway, it's the refs who should be embarrassed at this World Cup -- not these teams that have been eliminated. England didn't let their country down -- it's the OFFICIALS who let the country down.

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