Friday, June 25, 2010


One of my favorite shows returns to the air this weekend. Entourage will be back for a seventh season and word is it will be back for one more after that before going the movie route.

We are expecting more of the same mindless escapism that guys have come to expect from the series the past few years. This is a bit of a crisis sort of year for Vincent Chase if all indications are correct, with quite a bit of personal drama (not to be confused with Johnny Drama, who is his usual self, apparently).

Apparently Vince has a new love interest this year and it is none other than adult film actress Sasha Grey, who crossed into the mainstream with her role in The Girlfriend Experience, in which she played a call girl. She apparently is playing an Entourage version of herself in the show.  And I hate to bring up our friend Charlie Sheen yet again, but this Vince-dating-an-adult-film-star storyline is apparently based on Sheen's former love life dating an adult film actress.

Personally, I like Sasha Grey and think she is sooooo cool -- as cool as she is scorching hot. Sasha is shown interviewed here about her starring role in Entourage, and based on this interview it's pretty obvious why she's been able to cross over to mainstream entertainment -- she's well-spoken and comes across as drop-dead adorable, not to mention gorgeous.

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