Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, it looks like the latest Sex and the City sequel is getting absolutely mauled by the movie critics. The last I checked it was running at a miserable 15 percent at Rotten Tomatoes -- far worse than how the original movie fared with critics. And just so you know -- it isn't just guys panning the movie. The female critics, folks like Christy Lemire, Lisa Schwarzbaum and Claudia Puig, are really carving this movie up.

There was a time when I had grudging admiration for Sex and the City. My attitude was: let the girls have their entertainment. These babes were cool in their day, with their love of style, and Carrie's love of Cosmo drinks, and so on.

But I've seen the trailers for this latest movie and I had kind of a confused "huh?" type of reaction to them. Usually they put in movie trailers all the best and most exciting bits of the film to lure people into the theater. Well, there was none of that in the trailers I've seen. In fact, this movie looks just witless and embarrassing, and these four babes look really past their prime. I sort of had a "that's it?!" reaction.

Looking at the trailers, these four seem blissfully unaware that we've spent the last two years in a Great Recession. Someone ought to tell Carrie and her friends that the Nineties ended a long time ago. Now it's 2010, Barack Obama is in the White House, capitalism is in the toilet, the whole world has gone to hell in a handbasket -- yet here are these four still spending money and partying like it's 1999. I think these characters are totally out of touch with the modern era. Give us a break!

Anyway, I kind of hope the female movie fans stay away from this movie. I know all the guys will. I think there might have been a time and place when guys could have been convinced to join their girlfriends to see a Sex and the City movie, but this sequel looks so bad that I don't think any guys will want to be caught dead in any theater watching this flick.

In fact, the male audience might be so low for this flick that it might cost Sex and the City 2 the weekend box office title. The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time might win it instead. I'm serious.

I found a hilarious YouTube video that shows what guys think when they watch a trailer for Sex and the City 2. It absolutely says it all. Good luck convincing any male moviegoers to see this flick, folks!


IN OTHER NEWS FROM ENTERTAINMENT -- We have an American Idol winner! And to show you my interest in this year's competition -- this must be the first year ever that I missed the entire final show!

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