Friday, May 07, 2010



Well, all I will say is that the 2010 British election has been pathetic in more ways than one. First of all, you had these American-style televised debates which I think added little to the discussion -- I'm one of the people who thinks TV debates are overrated to begin with and that people who make voting decisions based on TV debates are really cheating themselves, and that if people at home wanted to listen to real debates they should have just tuned in to coverage of the House of Commons on TV.

Second, you had this business of people closing the polls at 10pm sharp while people were waiting in line. That is just outrageous and there is no excuse for this in a democracy. People waiting in line shouldn't be penalized because the election officials are too incompetent to move the lines fast enough. In other elections, what they do is they get as many people into the voting hall as they can at 10pm, and then they lock the doors and let everyone vote. Or if the line is still outrageously long, they get a judge to order the poll to remain open so that everyone in line can vote. But these fools in England wanted to throw common sense right out the window and deny people their fundamental democratic rights. No wonder the voter turnouts are getting to be lower and lower and lower all around the world, if this is the way voters are treated.

Finally, there is this election result, with the public clearing indicating it wants this gentleman, Gordon Brown, out as prime minister and replaced with David Cameron. The Conservatives won the most seats, and if Britain were a civilized country like Canada, Brown would resign immediately and let Cameron have his shot at running the government.

But Brown won't go. Instead, he's trying to use the Constitution and his "constitutional right" to try and form a government as justification to stick around, even though the voters clearly want a change in government.

Right now we have a lot of horse-trading going on with the Conservatives trying to do a deal with the Lib Dems. The latest possibility is that the Lib Dems might put Labour back in but boot Brown out. So if this scenario pans out, Britain may yet get a completely new and unelected prime minister, put into office by the two parties that lost the election.

I mean, really, this British election is a gong show. "To hell with the people," it seems like over there.

People are now saying that the system is broken and that there should be proportional representation, and yada yada yada. Like that will make any difference. If they want to really change things, why not simply get rid of the British Parliament entirely and just let the Queen make all the important decisions from now on? You can't do any worse with Elizabeth II calling all the shots than with this shameful bunch of jokers in office right now, trying to ignore the will of the people.

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