Thursday, May 20, 2010


Is it just me but is network TV kind of turning into a revolving door? It sure seems to me like there are a lot of stale ideas getting brought back from the crypt, including a lot of actors and actresses.

First, more big cancellation news. You know about what went on down at ABC and NBC. Well, CBS has been doing the cancellation thing, too. Among the list of deceased: Ghost Whisperer (now rumored to possibly go to ABC), Cold Case, Numbers, Miami Medical, Accidentally On Purpose, Gary Unmarried, plus The New Adventures of Old Christine. All on the scrapheap.

But what is CBS bringing in to replace these old shows? Why, of course, shows with Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods)! And William Shatner! He's in something Twitter-inspired called $#*! My Dad Says. I guess that write-in bid to put Shatner in as Canada's next Governor-General is kaput. Also -- coming back, a new version of Hawaii Five-O!! Well, why bother cancelling the old shows, then, if you are just going to bring back other old ones. What's next --the return of Gilligan's Island?!

 Read about their big plans at CBS here. I guess the other big news is The Big Bang Theory is moving to Thursday.

Also, here's what NBC is doing. Same with the CW.

Not to be outdone, the folks at TNT and TBS had their big upfront this week and predictably the big star was Conan O'Brien, still in the middle of the big tour of his. I guess the big question for his show, officially rolling out in November, is whether he will get around to shaving that beard of his off.

It rolls out November 8. I guess the other big question is whether it will even be shown in Canada. Honestly, I'm a little ticked off over all this. Here we are in frozen Canada, right next door, and we cannot watch either TNT or TBS up here whether we like it or not.

For more of upfront week here's a New York Times piece here. That's it for right now.

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