Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, I am sorry to say this is definitely the year of the cancellations in TV land. We're already saying goodbye to Lost, which is leaving voluntarily, and also goodbye to Ugly Betty and 24, which are leaving under less than voluntary circumstances. And let's not get into that Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien monkey business again.

This week it has been a bloodbath. Getting the boot this week alone have been The Wanda Sykes Show, Flash Forward, Scrubs (!!!), Better Off Ted, Heroes, Trauma, Mercy,.and after 20 years, Law and Order.

Law and Order? I'm surprised because earlier this year I had heard the show was going to definitely be back. After all, they were planning a new show called Law and Order: Los Angeles, so I thought maybe the New York portion of the franchise would continue. I guess New York was too expensive for NBC -- the costs of the show are apparently what did it in.

And there's not even going to be a decent finale to this season, either, given the suddenness of the cancellation! Instead, they might do some special thing which wraps up the series as part of these other L&O shows that are still going (SVU is remaining on the air).

Law and Order was already listing badly in the ratings and S. Epatha Merkerson was leaving the show anyway, but couldn't they have kept it going for one more season? I know this show has been on for 20 years and has to end sometime, but couldn't they have given this series one last season and beat Gunsmoke's record for a drama series run?! Perhaps the guy in charge at NBC was a Gunsmoke fan who didn't want that show to lose its record.

Anyway, I am NOT happy with NBC. First they got rid of Conan O'Brien. Then they got rid of Law and Order. Which means one thing -- they've now gotten rid of me. See you at the sports channels, folks. Click!

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