Sunday, May 16, 2010


I think I am going to have to leave most of my thoughts about the Cannes Film Festival until later. As I said before, I've had a long day.

All I have to say about the disappointing box office of Robin Hood -- only a second-place $37 million domestic finish for a movie that cost a king's ransom to make -- is simply this: Hollywood, quit giving us your usual big-budget crap. It's always either a sequel or a prequel to some story we've known about forever. Either that, or its exploiting the latest trend such as sci-fi or comic books, or Hasbro toys or CGI animation or that newest fad, 3-D. And adults are being driven away from the movie houses in droves by the increasingly juvenile content we are getting from these motion pictures. The storylines for a lot of the widest releases lately seem either (a) aimed at kids or (b) aimed at people uninterested in growing up! (Honestly, folks, I outgrew comic books a long time ago. You can, too.)

Now we have yet another adventure movie named Robin Hood. I'm sure the over-30 population will rush to see this one in droves, too. On top of that, this is a "prequel" movie.

Think of it: how many Robin Hood movies have we gotten from Hollywood?! Quite a number of them, actually. I really don't care whether this latest effort is good or bad -- I just have no interest in seeing a Robin Hood movie, period. Based on the domestic box office, it's obvious I'm not alone. So that is my statement on Robin Hood and this weekend's box office.

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M said...

I cant wait to see this was a childhood favorite. I sure hope I like it.

PS: Im having a giveaway.