Sunday, May 09, 2010


So maybe I shouldn't have retired from box office predicting, after all -- my Iron Man 2 prediction proved right in the ballpark. Its estimated domestic haul was $133 million, so I was off by just $6 million.

There were a lot of people who were predicting much bigger things, though. I notice a few were thinking this movie was going to threaten The Dark Knight's opening weekend records, or at least beat Spider-Man 3. As a result, people are playing up the fact that there were no records set. The big headline everywhere is "No Records for Iron Man 2", overlooking the fact that a $133 million haul is a mighty good performance that most movies would kill for. 

Like I said before, though, I think people are starting to tire of the superhero/fanboy genre at the movies, and I think that's one reason why this movie didn't set records. There have been just too many of these types of movies. The other reason Iron Man 2 didn't set any records? Well, it's Iron Man, and as cool as Iron Man is, he just ain't Batman or Spider-Man.        

In other entertainment news, 88-year-old Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live.

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