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I hereby declare this to be Beautiful Women Week here at The Cairns Blog. Earlier this week we were celebrating the news of the brand-new Three-Dimensional Playmate of the Year (Hope Dworaczyk, Miss April 2009). Later this weekend we have the 2010 Miss USA Pageant.

Of course, Miss USA has been highly amusing over the past few years thanks to contestants that trip and fall on stage, go wild behind the scenes, or say and do nutty things. Of course, the pageant made big news last year -- not because of the woman who won, but because of the girl who lost -- Carrie Prejean (right), the woman who displayed her complete lack of enthusiasm for same-sex marriage during last year's contest.

Well, we were wondering if there was any way the Miss USA pageant would continue its annual tradition of embarrassing itself and stirring up trouble, and I am very happy to report that the folks at the pageant did not let me down. They've done it again!

Any publicity is good publicity. This year, the Miss USA pageant is trying something new:  lingerie photos of contestants! 
Pictured: beautiful Julie Citro, Miss Delaware, in her undies.

No, this picture is not ripped from the pages of Maxim Magazine. These lingerie photos were actually on the Miss USA website. They are described as "glam pictures" of Miss USA contestants, and the whole point is to depict these babes at their most glamourous as they wake up in the most exciting city in the world, Las Vegas. Yes, Planet Hollywood, the sexiest casino in Las Vegas, is where the pageant is being held this year. (Vegas is also the annual home to the Miss America Pageant, which took its time even allowing its women to wear two-piece swimsuits onstage.)

Now, of course the boring uptights who live in middle America are all up at arms over this. They are screaming outrage and saying this doesn't represent the girl-next-door, having these women depicted in lingerie. Some are screaming double-standard because Carrie Prejean got in trouble for those racy pics of her own, and people are saying that's what cost her her title!

Actually, no, it wasn't those racy pictures that cost Carrie the title -- it was all the other stuff going on, particularly with her big mouth. Seriously, though, Americans need to grow up. I think it is perfectly fine for a woman to be both wholesome and sexy at the same time. Besides, these women are wearing more in the lingerie photos than in the swimsuit photos that they also took.

Personally, I'd rather see these babes in their undies than go on a show like the long-gone Fear Factor, where Miss USA contestants used to eat bugs, worms and other disgusting things. Revolting. If they were eating bugs in their lingerie, then I would have had a problem.

Honestly, what's classier -- Fear Factor bug-eating, or lingerie pictures? I say the latter. Overall, I can't agree with the naysayers who somehow take issue with the lingerie pictures. I really like the photos -- these women look glamourous and sexy. I actually think it adds an extra dimension to these wholesome Miss USA candidates -- they can have fun showing off their sultry side. (There's that word "dimension" again.)

I have no problem at all with lingerie photos of beautiful Miss USA contestants. Then again, this is coming from a guy who has no problems with female nudity, either --- particularly the 3-D kind.

Speaking of which -- the Playmate of the Year banquet is also this weekend in Las Vegas, at the Palms. Maybe the Playmates and Miss USA contestants will also get a chance to see Holly Madison star in Peepshow while they are there -- Holly is still rummaging around that town, too. Yes, this weekend Sin City truly is the land of the free and the home of the babes!

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