Sunday, May 30, 2010


So I decided to check in to Box Office Mojo to find out how much Sex and the City 2 won by on the weekend, and read the domestic box office gross numbers and went  ---"what the heck, they lost?!?!?"

Yeah, those babes LOST. They got beat by Shrek Forever After, which kind of underperformed when it debuted last weekend. No one expected it to win this weekend, but Sex and the City 2 fell way short of expectations after winning on Thursday and Friday. And The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was an out-and-out flop, in third place. The weekend totals were SFA $43 mil, SATC2 $32 mil and POP $30 mil.

I think the awful buzz for SATC2 did that movie in, with the torrent of bad reviews. There had been all this talk about it being critic-proof and about how it might hit $80 million in box office this weekend. That all proved to be baloney. Frankly, I think a lot of people looked at the trailers and got the impression the movie sucked and that these four babes were past their prime. And of course, guys refused to go to the movie.

To give you an idea about how disappointing a weekend it was for SATC2, it opened to $14 million on Thursday night, while the original opened to $26 million on its first day!

Overall, Box Office Mojo is reporting that this weekend's overall box office is down 20 percent from a year ago. That's in keeping with the trend all year, which is seeing moviegoers say "no" to high ticket prices and bad sequel movies.   

This is yet another weekend this summer where the movies at the theaters all either missed expectations (in the case of Iron Man 2, which actually opened to more money than the original yet failed to set any opening records), or totally underperformed compared to the original or previous movies. And we have seen some really massive flops this year, like MacGruber which opened to a terrible $4 million! It wasn't that original either - instead, it was based on a skit from Saturday Night Live! Disappointing returns have been the story of the summer, and all I have to say about it is that people are fed up with the same old summertime movie fare and the same old sequels and retreads -- especially lame-o sequels that are designed to cash in on a franchise. The folks in Hollywood need to quit "selling a product" to a ready-made audience, and start making some half-decent movies that people might actually be motivated to see! Not this usual crap we're getting!

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