Monday, May 10, 2010


So Monday has come and gone, and nothing has been settled at all with respect to this farce of a British general election.

Nothing, except this: everyone has lost the 2010 election.

The voters have lost because their votes don't count in this outrageous horse-trading going on; the parties have lost because none of them won a majority; and Gordon Brown has lost the worst of all because today he announced he is leaving as Labour party leader and prime minister in the wake of Labour's disasterous showing in the election.

You would think the entire rest of this government would be leaving along with him after having been so totally rejected by the people, but apparently Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems, those big believers in democracy, seem to have other ideas. They are backing off on negotiations with the Conservatives and are now talking to the Labourites who are apparently willing to sell the country out by dangling a big change in the electoral system in order to save their hides.

Under this possible arrangement, two parties that lost ground in the election will end up governing anyway, even though they have no mandate from the people. And this freaking Lib-Lab arrangement would apparently have Gordon Brown be prime minister until a new Labour leader is chosen, and then that guy would be Prime Minister even though voters had no say in electing that person as prime minister.

This really makes Britain look like it can't get its act together. At least after the 2000 US presidential election with all the hanging chads, court cases and the rest of it, they ended up with a decision on who won. But here, it seems like we won't know who leads Britain for another five months.  So apparently all this election did was get rid of the prime minister and replace him with somebody five months from now. Who, we don't know.

What kind of result is that?! Not one the people voted for, that's for sure. So much for the people who marched to the polls to try and put David Cameron in. I guess the only votes that really count in Britain are the ones that went for Labour -- just like in these one-party states.

I have to agree with this Telegraph column on this one. This situation truly is pathetic, and if this crazy Lib-Lab arrangement goes through I wouldn't be surprised if we see people in Britain deciding never to waste their time voting in elections again. You cast your vote, only for these parties to turn around and say "thank you very much! Now you can all jump off a cliff while we decide behind closed doors who'll be the government!!"  

As the Telegraph editorial more or less stated: what does it say about a democracy when the third-place party calls all the shots and holds the country up for ransom?! Disgusting.

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