Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, all that anyone cared about this week was Tiger Woods and the Masters, it seemed.

There was the big coverage of Tiger's big press conference announcing his return. There was the coverage of his opening tee. There was the coverage of that creepy Nike commercial featuring Tiger's dad. And then all weekend it has been all Tiger all the time on the news. It's almost been as if there are no other golfers these news people felt were worthy of coverage. The hourly updates on TV were all about Tiger. "Tiger lurking in the woods just two back!" "Tiger in the hunt!" And so on. And what's interesting is the tone they would take when reporting that Tiger was trailing -- it was always with a tone that he stood a chance to come back and win. Watch out for Tiger, they were saying.

And eventually they would get around to telling you who was actually leading, which, by the end, turned out to be Phil Mickelson, who won the whole darn thing today. Talk about the ultimate Hollywood ending.

You know, the contrast between Tiger and Phil could not have been more stark. Here was Tiger, coming back after taking time off to save the marriage he just about ruined by running around with a harem of other women. And here's Phil who, people may forget, had to take some time away from golf himself last year. The reason: because he needed to be there to support his wife who was suffering from breast cancer. In fact, his mother is also fighting breast cancer and Phil wore a pink ribbon on his golf hat to honor their struggles.

His wife was there at the Masters today to watch his great victory, so it was all tears of joy and emotion today for the Mickelsons. One big happy family.

A much better ending than if a guy named after a certain feline member of the animal kingdom had won.

You know, maybe it was poetic that this is the way it ended: with Phil winning one for his happy wife and his family, while Tiger is left complaining about his own golf game during the interviews on TV while Elin was nowhere to be seen.

It may have made for good copy if Tiger was able to complete his comeback with a day-four comeback, but seeing him lose out to Mickelson was just deserts, and for the Masters organization it was exactly the kind of ending they would have hoped for. Family values beats out non-family values at the Masters.

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