Thursday, April 22, 2010


So, I was hoping to tune in to ESPN's coverage of the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall, which of course is supposed to be shown  by TSN. As you know, Canada is also a big football nation, especially around where I live, so you would think we would get complete uninterrupted ESPN coverage on at least one main channel.

Well, here's what happened. I tune in to TSN and instead of getting the draft coverage, I get the NHL playoff game between Philadelphia and New Jersey, which no one outside Philadelphia or New Jersey cares about. Then I tune in to TSN2 which fortunately has the draft. BUT... then they break away as soon as the Chicago-Nashville playoff game starts in Nashville. So the result is we folks in frozen Canada get NO ESPN draft coverage at all -- at least, until the Philly-New Jersey game ended, and they moved the Chicago-Nashville game to TSN1. Which still meant the ESPN draft coverage was stuck on TSN2..

So the bottom line is we got stuck with no NFL Draft coverage from ESPN at all during the time when these two NHL Playoff games were running. So instead of ESPN analysis I have to rely on the NFL Network for draft coverage on one of the biggest nights for the NFL. In short, football fans in Canada got total second-class treatment from TSN tonight. It was all hockey all the time over there. 

I just wanted to say my own piece about what happened on TV tonight because, believe me, when my favorite sport gets shafted like this I get angry. I know the NHL is important to people in this country, but think of it. There were probably more sports fans in New Jersey who were interested in what the Giants and Jets would do in the NFL Draft across the river than in what the Devils did on the ice. More people in Chicago and Nashville probably cared about the draft, too.  Yet we here in Canada get stuck with two hockey games -- both of them totally lame-o -- instead of the NFL Draft, which only happens once a year.

All I have to say is I'm revolted. It's days like this where I want to just chuck cable TV, because cable TV in this country drives me up the wall.

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