Sunday, April 04, 2010


Well, I am spending Easter night, and the last day of my vacation, watching The Celebrity Apprentice. Man, what a boring, slow-moving show it is, an absolute timewaster. The show's not over, but if Governor Rod Blagojevich doesn't get the boot I would be very surprised.  I don't know why Donald Trump still bothers with this show. You used to tune in to The Apprentice to learn how to get ahead in business, but now all you're doing is watching incompetent people screw up.
Anyway, it's getting boring over there. More interesting, though, are beach photos of Trump's hottie ex-wife Marla Maples wearing a bikini. Now that is what I call a woman.
In other television news: there are rumors flying that Charlie Sheen is definitely going to leave Two and a Half Men. Well, that sucks. That show is definitely over now if he's left. At least, I hope it's over -- I don't want to see any phony replacement actor taking Sheen's part.

ABC News is on a bit of a firing spree at the moment as you know, and business reporter Betsy Stark is the latest of several reporters to get the knife.
In other TV business news news, former CNBC correspondent and Apprentice runner-up Rebecca Jarvis (right) has officially joined CBS News.
In entertainment news John Forsythe of Dynasty and Charlie's Angels fame died last week at age 92.
Strange news of the week: the ex of Olivia Newton-John has been found alive.

Clash of the Titans had a $61 million opening weekend --  for the fifth weekend in a row the top domestic box office movie is in 3-D.

And in a surprising NCAA championship final it will be Duke versus Butler Monday night. Butler?! Yes, Butler. I hope they win, it would be a great story, but I worry it will be a blowout.

Finally, the Apprentice show is over and all that is left to say is simply: Rod, you're fired.

I saw that coming a mile away. That's all for now.

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Compare Satellite TV said...

why did rod say positive stuff at first then after a few minutes he's saying all the negatives on his team? i'm sure he will not be fired if he did not do that.