Sunday, March 07, 2010


Well, this is one year in particular when I am just not too interested in the Academy Awards even though, like I said, it was a bigger year than usual for populist movies and the like to get nominated. In fact, there just isn't the domination this year from the usual "Oscar-season" types of movies made for the Oscar voters -- a good thing, in my view.

The problem is there isn't much drama with most of these awards this year - and you know Avatar will sweep the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" award categories, even if it loses out to The Hurt Locker for Best Picture. You know about The Hurt Locker -- the best movie nobody's bothered to see.

Did you hear about what is going on in New York City? Apparently there's a big carriage fight going on between Cablevision and the folks at ABC, and it's resulted in Cablevision pulling the ABC signals off the cable dial! I find this to be shocking and absolutely the type of thing that would provoke violence in the streets. Missing out on the Oscars -- that is something these Oscar fans can't do without. It's like their Super Bowl. So now a lot of ticked-off New Yorkers are having to invest in TV antennas, and are scouring the Internet for Oscar feeds so they can watch the show. Good luck with that. 

At least New Yorkers could tune into the Red Carpet before the show -- that's always better than what the suits in Hollywood serve up inside the hall on Oscar night, anyway.

(In fact, I always find the actual show to be highly unwatchable. Too many tuxedos and musical numbers. That ain't for me, thanks. By the way, the show just started with -- a musical number. You folks in New York City need to give Cablevision a big thank-you right now for not showing this.)

More Oscar night stuff - coming up.

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