Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So the other night I tuned in to HLN, to the Nancy Grace show, mainly out of boredom. And Nancy wasn't on, but instead it was Jean Casarez and a few other people ranting about this report that Sandra Bullock had had it with her idiot husband Jesse James and all these mistresses of his, and his cheating and so on. Bullock had apparently decided to file for divorce.

I find it fascinating that this has turned into such a big story. It's not just HLN, it's also Larry King Live, Access Hollywood, ET -- all these shows are providing live continuing coverage of this latest cheating scandal. Even the entertainment and gossip magazines such as People, US and Star are going whole hog on this one. It used to be that all they cared about were weight issues, babies, Jennifer Aniston and whether Brad and Angelina's marriage was in trouble. Now they're covering infidelity -- even better. It's taken over the news everywhere at these rags -- whether it's this, or the whole John Edwards cheating scandal or the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, or any of these other scandals.

Of course, on HLN these expert talking heads were on there speculating on whether Sandra could get the kids in a divorce. I find it hard to believe she will- apparently she's only the step-mother, which means guardianship might be the best she can hope for.

Anyway, that's the kind of nonsense they were covering on HL:N -- not real news like what's happening in Moscow with the subway terrorists, or the situation with Iran and the nukes, or any of the recovery efforts in the earthquake zones. No, their most important story on Tuesday was Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. I guess people have moved on from health care reform already and are looking for something else to talk about.

I know that this infidelity has been making the rounds lately and people are ticked off about it but please, give it a rest sometime, eh? There is other news.

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