Sunday, March 07, 2010


Well, it has turned into a strange, strange night at the Oscars and we have had some surprises so far. A big one came in the Adapted Screenplay category when Up in the Air LOST, to Precious.

Also, The Hurt Locker swept the sound categories, which stunned a lot of people who thought it didn't deserve a sweep. That basically is a sure indicator of a sweep for The Hurt Locker.

Avatar did win Best Cinematography, though, and I would have definitely said there would have been a sweep had it lost out.

I am sort of half-watching the Oscars. I am basically watching a TV, a DVD player and streaming video on a computer screen right now, and that is basically my evening. Mainly, though, I am watching Entourage reruns at the moment.

It's turning into a really boring and overlong show. I will note that the "usual list of dead people" was particularly grim this year, given the young age and major prominence of a lot of the people on it. (Oh, and by the way, they totally forgot Farrah.)

They also got rid of showing the Best Songs. This show is really weird.

Back later.

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