Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Well, we have seen some really bad television the last couple of nights: Jay Leno's return to the Tonight Show, Vienna getting the rose (and the ring) on The Bachelor, and the premiere of a new show on NBC with involvement from Jerry Seinfeld, and it's called The Marriage Ref.
And unfortunately this show is getting CRUCIFIED by the critics who are saying nothing but trash about the show. Here's the reaction over at Gawker.tv.
Frankly, though, this is where I gotta say: give NBC a break. The reason they ordered this piece of junk on the air was because the desperate network needed something, anything, to fill the real estate vacated with the move of Jay Leno back to late night. So they brought in this piece of utter garbage to fill the time until they got something better.

Besides, given the propensity for Americans to make hits out of utter garbage (ie. The Bachelor), there was always the off-chance The Marriage Ref might end up a hit. God help us all.

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