Friday, March 26, 2010


Well, thanks to the success of both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, both in 3-D, the stampede is on by Hollywood to turn every piece of junk they produce into a 3-D movie. Worse yet for movie fans, the movie theaters are planning to extract even more money from customers of 3-D movies. Starting this weekend, major chains are hiking the price up by at least a couple more bucks a pop. They already charge an extra three bucks for the glasses to begin with, but these folks absolutely figure that the moviegoing public is a bottomless pit of money who are so addicted to going to the movies that they will shell out the moola for 3-D, no matter what.

When I heard about these latest price hikes I just about hit the roof. The motion picture industry already doesn't respect audiences, what with the amount of commercialized, mindless junk they put out. Here, they just seem to want to take advantage of people even more and extract every last dollar they can get out of people. You watch -- now we're going to see one movie after another in 3-D at theaters, and there will be box office records falling all over the place now, all due to these price increases.

You know, people ought to take a stand against all this nonsense. People can put their foot down and just say "no, I'm not going to pay a ridiculous amount of money anymore to go get eyestrain at the movie theater!" Among other things, people are complaining now about getting headaches and even vertigo from watching these movies in 3-D. Maybe these price hikes will finally push moviegoers over the edge as far as their patience is concerned, and people will decide to stay home and not watch this stuff. I hope so. I'm getting sick and tired of reporting about North Americans throwing away their cash on every piece-of-junk that hits theaters, and now with the studios rushing to cash in with price hikes for 3-D screenings, there's going to be even more money thrown away.

Personally, I like 3-D, but not all the time and certainly not for these ridiculous prices they want to charge for them now. What worries me, and a lot of people, is that Hollywood will jump on the bandwagon full-throttle and cheapen 3-D by turning out so much junk as 3-D movies, just like they did in the Fifties. I've read stories that even James Cameron, the director of Avatar, is worried about it. He's worried that instead of developing more great 3-D movies released every so often, these studios will just see it as a quick way to make money and milk the public, not care about the art. He has every reason to worry --milking the cash cow is "typical Hollywood" for you.

Leonard Maltin and Richard Roeper were both on the REELZ Channel discussing the 3-D phenomenon going on at cinemas right now and it's an interesting discussion. Check it out.

That is all for now. Needless to say, I hope moviegoers get mad and get some self-respect, and stand up to these folks who insist on putting these ticket prices up. I have my doubts it'll happen (especially since there's nothing to watch on TV anymore-- see post below), but who knows? Maybe this really will be the last straw.

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