Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, with the Olympics in Vancouver not far from being over I have basically been tuning in to pretty much one sport, hockey. That's about it. Oh, and by the way Canada takes on the USA on Sunday in what is sure to be the most-watched hockey game in human history. Mark my words.

I have gathered my own thoughts about international hockey and how great it is here and the NHL's rationale, and a reasonable one at that, for possible non-participation in the next Olympics here.

Really, not only are international games more watched, but even the celebrations are bigger and more controversial. Heck, look at what happened with Canada's Olympic hockey team when they won the gold medal. I mean, really, this is too comical. So now you can't celebrate on the ice or smoke cigars after winning a big game?! No wonder I find the Olympics offputting -- the games just take themselves too seriously with all the silly rules people have to follow with respect to holding celebrations. Hey, these women worked hard to win a gold medal, and they deserve to blow off some steam. Give them a break.

On to other non-Olympic matters now.

Now on to the other fun news going on away from the medal count. Production on one of the very few shows on network TV that I happen to like, Two and a Half Men, has been halted because Charlie Sheen has gone into rehab. Now there are rumors he may be fired from his own show. You know, this is just terrible news for male TV viewers. First Conan O'Brien leaves his show, and now this.

If Sheen leaves his sitcom, they should just end it. Just cancel the entire freaking thing. I don't want this show to become like what happened to Spin City, where Michael J. Fox, who basically was the entire show, left -- but the series continued anyway. And guess who was brought in to replace Fox? Why, who else-- Charlie Sheen. And the show jumped right over the shark and off the cliff.

In USA politics, embattled New York governor David Paterson has bowed out of the gubernatorial race.

And that's all I feel like saying for now.

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