Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, things have turned around for Canada at the Olympics. Gold in ice dancing, gold in bobsleigh, a big win over the Russians last night in men's hockey, and tonight's gold medal in women's hockey. See, folks, things are just fine. It's all going to be all right.


And I hate to rag on NBC yet again, but they keep on making these idiot Olympic programming decisions with respect to all my favorite sports. After Sunday's debacle of relegating the USA-Canada men's game to cable, NBC shafted Team USA again by showing their game with the Swiss live to the East Coast but on a tape delay to the West Coast! And the women's game tonight wasn't shown on NBC at all! So this really is a debacle, this non-coverage by the Peacock Network.

I don't know what these folks at NBC are thinking. It's so obvious they'd get more people tuning in if hockey were on live on the main network, which only seems to show figure skating and skiing, and a lot of other sports I don't have much use for.

And as an aside -- letting Conan O'Brien go was a VERY big mistake. NBC will never hear the end of it for that move. I mean, man -- how does NBC, which does an outstanding job with business news at CNBC and has a well respected news division, manage to screw things up everywhere else at that network? It really boggles the mind.


Enough of the Olympic games. On to other competitions, now -- like poker, which I have been watching more and more of because the folks in the entertainment world won't provide me with any other decent entertainment.

I have been watching the North American Poker Tour event at the Venetian in Las Vegas live on the Internet, and they had the final table last night. So I was watching the Olympics and this poker webcast all at the same time. But to be honest with you I don't know who won, because I went to bed before the thing finished. In fact, I forget who the heck was at the final table because, frankly, it was a bunch of people I'd never heard of.

Here's the problem with competitive tournament poker. It seems like the big "names" of the poker world -- the Phil Iveys, the Daniel Negreanus, the Phil Hellmuths, the Doyle Brunsons -- rarely get to any of these final tables at these tournaments these days. Instead it's always these no-names that nobody has ever heard of. It's not like golf where you have these big tournaments where the same names compete over and over again. The only way you see the big names showing up consistently is during these TV shows like High Stakes Poker or Poker After Dark.

So it makes it kind of frustrating to watch a big-time poker tournament when all these big names bust out early and don't make the final table. What point is there is following these folks if they bust out early at a tournament? They do have a "bounty hunter" tournament going on down there right now as well, but most of the big names crashed out of that, too. It really is getting to be too much of a joke.

Anyway, I'm just ranting and raving. Like I say, I'd probably watch far less poker if there was any other entertainment to watch. In fact, remind me to do a big movie rant soon where I rant and rave about how Hollywood is tailoring all its efforts towards young people and showing CGI and special effects. I guess I'm wanting to see some more adult-oriented entertainment like spy movies, shoot-em-ups and the like.

More later.

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