Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well, these gaffe-filled Winter Olympic Games are still on and everyone's disappointed.

People are whining and complaining about all aspects of the games, especially that super-fast luge track that the Georgian luger was killed on. You have rain washing out outdoor events, and a lack of good ice wrecking indoor events. You had the botched opening ceremonies with one of the pillars meant to hold up the cauldron malfunctioning. You have francophone Canadians complaining about the lack of French during the opening ceremonies -- and that was just the Canadians complaining. The rest of the world has joined in the whining. The arrogant British are being especially merciless in their criticism. The Americans are even angrier -- not so much at the Vancouver games but at NBC for their awful, tape-delayed coverage.

NBC just cannot win; first they get in trouble over Conan O'Brien, and now this. Even with the tape delay, they are not even showing good sports that real sports fans are interested in. Instead, it's skiing, figure skating and other crap. The folks at Deadspin are taking dead aim at NBC and lambasting the coverage they are serving up at every turn. I gotta say, people up here in frozen Canada can certainly voice criticism at some aspects of CTV's coverage, but you have to admit, it's way better than what the Americans are getting from NBC.

You have to feel sorry for these poor Americans stuck watching lousy Olympics coverage. They really are getting shafted. More, eventually.

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