Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well, the moment we have waited months for is finally upon us. The NASCAR season is on.
What, you expected me to say the Winter Olympics?! No, I am more into this auto racing business. Once they make auto racing an Olympic sport, maybe I'll tune in to that.
The Daytona 500 runs tomorrow, but the big story was Danica Patrick's much-hyped NASCAR debut in the Nationwide series race at Daytona earlier today.

Danica, who is used to driving the speedy Indycars (right), seemed to be getting used to driving her lunky NASCAR vehicle around the racetrack.That was until some idiot caused a 12-car incident on the track, and that was the end of Danica's day. Nice going, dude -- the moment you knocked Danica out of the race, a ton of TVs went "click!" and changed the channel!!

They say this is a learning experience for Danica. She's learning quickly that these good ol' boys drive like maniacs coming home from work on the freeway. Getting out of the way of these lunatics can be pretty hard. In fact, it's difficult enough even for the big boys in the sport to get their cars through races in one piece, especially at a place like Daytona where multiple-car incidents are too common.

Welcome to NASCAR, Danica! Get used to being in the garage a lot.

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