Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well, Canada lost, 5-3 to the Americans in Olympic men's ice hockey, which means that instead of getting a bye into the next round, Canada now has to play a game against Germany to reach the quarter-finals.

I was amused seeing the reaction of all these American TV commentators after the game, playing up the fact the fact that Canada is going to be in deep depression over this loss and how the headlines in the paper will be all about this game.

I get the impression the Americans are kind of chuckling at our rabid hockey fandom. When you think of it, though, you never get this kind of craziness from the American fans at the international level. Sure, occasionally there have been some tough losses in baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer that they sometimes get down about in these big events, but you never see the Americans go nuts over these international sporting events the way other countries do. At the world level they always seem to be on a more even keel. It's just a game, they figure. They love it when they win, but it's not the end of the world for them if they lose. Yet it's the be all and end all for Canada if we happen to lose.

Frankly, we can learn a lot from them. Hey, this was only the round-robin, people. A freaking tournament game with elimination NOT at stake. Step away from the ledge, folks.

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