Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sorry for not tending to the blog, but I was too preoccupied by my weekend work assignments (and frankly, I am way overworked -- something has to give one of these days), and more importantly by NFL football -- especially that crazy NFC championship game won by the Saints.

Besides, I have little to add to what others have said about Conan O'Brien's graceful exit from NBC on Friday night. I still can't believe he's done at NBC.

Also, my article on Avatar's sixth weekend in a row at the top is up, and I will have more to say with another article this week that I plan to put up at the News-Optimist blog about the movie, in addition to my Reject Report post which I again plan to do.

Avatar should topple Titanic's all-time worldwide box office record sometime in the next 48 hours, but a lot of boo-birds are out there saying this achievement means nothing due to inflation and jacked-up ticket prices. The fact that people were actually willing to pay these inflated jacked-up prices apparently also means nothing to people, either.

Also, those following the Sundance Film Festival can check out news of it here. You might even want to check out what Jeffrey Wells has to say at Hollywood-Elsewhere. I, however, have nothing to say about what's happening in Park City, Utah, as I am not there.

Incidentally, CNN's Showbiz Tonight had as its top story last week ... no, not Conan's departure, and not Sundance. What was their top showbiz story? Uh, ahem -- John Edwards admitting he had a love child!!!

Uh, guys, John Edwards is not in show business. He's a politician. Or a former one, anyway.

I don't have much to say on Haiti and the continued misery down there, but I covered a story  recently about some of the relief efforts going on locally about it. All in all, it's a sad situation.

I wish I could say that you'll see plenty of posts at the blog for the next few days, but I can't. Tomorrow I am covering City Hall and then I cover a big dinner on Tuesday, and then I cover a big meeting on Wednesday. Somewhere along the line I will write my News-Optimist blog post and another Reject Report post, and then for the following week I will have a newspaper column I have to write. Something will be falling by the wayside this week and it will have to be posts at this blog.

To be completely honest, though -- the last couple of weeks have been a real treadmill where I am. I'm even finding the Reject Report to be a real chore to do these days with all the other time constraints I am under. To say I am not enjoying myself one bit would be too accurate.

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