Monday, January 18, 2010


Well, by and large I was very happy to see populist movies do well at the Golden Globes last night. Not only did Best Dramatic Picture Avatar and Best Director James Cameron both win Globes, but so did The Hangover in the comedy category.

Maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is taking to heart all those complaints about how the awards-season always ends up so out-of-synch with what the popular taste is. I know lots of people were pushing for Up in the Air and The Hurt Locker, but the fact is that few people wanted to see those usual awards-season movies made for the usual awards-season voters. More people wanted to see Avatar, and the reason is simple: this movie is attempting to raise the medium to another level with its 3D effects. And based on the reaction out there from critics and audiences alike, it has succeeded.

Make no mistake about it: the reason this movie is winning at the box office week in and week out -- and on the brink of toppling Titanic's domestic and worldwide box office records -- is entirely due to the quality of the movie. If this flick had been as bad as some movies have been, it would have been toppled from the top of the box office a long time ago. It would have made a killing the first weekend and then sunk like a stone. But it isn't doing that. It's doing consistent business.

Methinks the Golden Globe victory is going to be the final push to get Avatar over the top of Titantic's $600 million domestic record and $1.8 million worldwide record. In fact, this movie may well be the frontrunner for the Oscar if this momentum keeps up. If Avatar does win the Oscar, all these box office records are going to be shattered for sure, because an Oscar usually means yet another bounce for the winning movie at the theaters.

Also, it is nice to see James Cameron show some humility in giving an acceptance speech. But really, man, next time you go to an awards show make sure you go to the bathroom before it starts, because we really did not need to hear about how you needed to go to the can.  That is all for now.

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