Friday, January 01, 2010


I have to say; as much as I like football I think the best thing that's happened to the NHL in the last few years is the move to hold the outdoor Winter Classic on New Year's Day.

By bringing the game of hockey to these storied old baseball stadiums and holding games outdoors, the NHL really is celebrating the history and the roots of the game -- a game which started outdoors on frozen ponds and which continues to be played on outdoor frozen ice surfaces by countless young players.

This year was Fenway Park's turn to host the Classic, and Boston took on Philadelphia there today with the Bruins winning 2-1. Wow, finally, the home team actually wins, and in overtime, too.

Rumor is that Washington may get the game next year, as the league continues to showcase its up and coming teams.

The best thing about these games is that these are not meaningless exhibition contests. These games count in the standings -- unlike certain bowl games going on. The Outback Bowl! The Insight Bowl! The Little Caesar's Bowl! The Meineke Car Care Bowl! The Who Cares Bowl!

Honestly, with all these corporations lending their names to these games, you have to conclude that the recession can't be all that bad down there.

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