Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, there is still plenty left to say about the chaos at NBC in late night television. Here's what I had to say at the News-Optimist blog about it earlier today.

Meanwhile, the late-night comedians all continue to skewer NBC's "late shaft" of Conan O'Brien. Here's the latest clips from last night's shows, all posted on Gawker TV.

Also, here is the latest rundown at Gawker of the latest hardball and other tactics. There is a hot report that perhaps Jay Leno himself is upset and may bolt NBC. But that may not be entirely accurate -- we're also getting reports from TMZ that Jay may have signed the deal already to go back to his old timeslot for the full hour.

Wow. What nonsense this is, folks.

UPDATE: Those of you looking for the now-famous Team Conan website in support of O'Brien can check it out here.

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