Monday, January 04, 2010


Since I am still recovering from my Las Vegas trip I thought I would write some more about poker on TV.

I gotta say, I am watching more and more poker on TV these days, especially NBC's Poker After Dark and these other shows on Sunday night on GSN.

Granted, I still don't want to see it pre-empt my football games on TV, but I am finding that I want to figure out the flow of these poker games and understand what the heck these guys are doing on TV. Leading up to my big Las Vegas trip I was watching plenty of poker on TV, just revving myself up. In fact, on the plane ride down to Las Vegas they had the satellite TV on the flight and I was able to catch a poker game on the airline TV. I think Phil Ivey (pictured) was playing somebody.

I don't know whether Ivey won or not. In fact, I think he might have been in a bit of trouble. I have no idea who won the TV poker game in the end, though, because they shut the TV off just before the plane landed. Anyway, thanks to the TV poker on the flight, my Vegas vacation got off to a nice early start.

While down in Las Vegas I went into Bally's casino and bought a poker magazine called Poker Pro, and I later bought a deck of cards. To be honest, I didn't do too much shopping down there. Now that I'm home I'm reading the book Cowboys Full, the story of poker, and beefing up my knowledge of the game, which is still not quite up to speed yet.

One thing I found out was that PartyPoker left the USA because the Republicans tacked on some anti-online poker measure to some piece of homeland security legislation. Now, I just found that appalling. What the heck was that all about? That struck me as some kind of dirty trick, tacking on some anti-poker measure. So much for the "land of the free." What kind of "freedom" is there if you have no freedom to play poker?!

Put me squarely in the pro-poker camp. I see the game as more of a "contest" than as gambling. Besides, there are a lot of tournaments going on these days, and people who enter those know going in what they are in for.

Anyway, I thought I would provide links to some of these poker websites and blogs that are out there, mainly because I am too lazy to link to them on the side blogroll.

Those looking for information about poker on TV can go to this blog here, Fifth Street Journal.
Listings for poker on TV can be found here. Also, there are a ton of videos at PokerTube. There are also some videos and links at PokerChannel

Next, here's The Muck, the official blog of the World Poker Tour, and here is the WPT's Facebook page.
Here is the page for the World Series of Poker.
The European Poker Tour is here.
The site for Poker After Dark is right here. And High Stakes Poker is here.

For those interested in the hot women of poker, check out the Poker Hotties pages.
Lacey Jones' website is here. Also, here's an interview done with poker hostess Kimberly Lansing.
And I just have to link up with my favorite woman (Jan. 18 Update) -- new poker TV hostess and all-around "hot-fucking-babe," Joanna Krupa.
The PokerNews site can be found here.
PokerNewsDaily is here. 
The Hendon Mob are here.
Bluff Magazine's website can be found here.
The Canadian Poker Tour site can be found here.
The blog of C95 Saskatoon radio personality and poker player Rambling Dave can be found here.
Doyle Brunson's blog is here. Also, you can find Daniel Negreanu's poker journal here.

That's all for now. I want to catch up on my TV poker watching. Besides, there's nothing else on TV these days, it seems.

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